Ivan Alexander

Emperor of The Unknown World


Appears to be about 35, but by spirit’s time he is well over 300 years old

Height/ Weight:
Ivan is six foot even. He weights probably around 185 pounds and has a more slender build.

Eye color:
Ivan has emerald eyes.

Ivan lacks the ability to focus on one particular thing because he takes in so much at a time.
He’s human, can die.

Lord Ivan Alexander is the Emperor of the Unknown World and he is the master of Spirit. Like all spirit followers, he has the ability to manipulate time and space. He alters his surrounding to meet his needs and can control all five elements with masterful precision.
Ivan also has the ability to touch another person’s mind. He rarely uses this last gift because he believes that touching another person’s mind is considered to be an invasion of privacy.
As The Emperor of the Unknown world he has untapped power.

Weapon of Choice:
Ivan prefers to handle issues with words and wisdom. But when the bane must be draw, Ivan wields a sword made from the first metals of the World Unknown. Given to him by his mother, this sword of great power is known as the “Goddess’ blade” . When drawn, the Goddess’ sword illuminates with ultra blue light. The hilt of the sword is black with a clear diamond tip. The actual blade was forged in the great mountain of Incendous by the Gods of the Elements. Each took part in the creation of this great weapon. The blade is about four foot in length and is roughly two inches in width.


Born a prince of the Spirit Realm, Ivan spent most of his life doing the duties of a Prince. His life was good and he never really had any emotional trauma as a child. But at the age of thirteen, Ivan’s father disappeared. With his father gone and his eldest sister dead in the same week, Ivan buried his emotions into that of the past.
Ivan spent years away from the world, until the age of twenty . In the month of Yule, Ivan was requested to his mother’s private chambers. She told him that her time in the seat of Empress was coming to a close and she longed to leave the mortal world.
Taking his mother’s misery in account, Ivan agreed to take her throne. On the night of his crowning, Ivan was visited by his dead sister Selena. She told him that she would send him an angel, a woman that needed his protection and love just as much as she once did.
Little did Ivan know, it was the Water Princess and his dear family friend’s daughter, Lady Amaya Alexander. She fought Ivan for a long time, but in end they fell deeply in love. After months of dating and on her birthday, Ivan purposed, and the two went married two months later.
They lived together happily and bore two children to the world. The first was their daughter Iliana. A bright young girl, she went to live in the house of Ambroshia, to serve the Goddess. A few years later, Amaya gave birth to a son, Marius.
The family was happy for a time but eventually Amaya began to wonder. Her soul took her to other worlds, leaving Ivan alone. He rules Moria without rest. Years passed and Amaya did not return. Fearing for the worst, Ivan searched for her. But his search was fruitless. After her tenth year missing, Ivan declared his beloved dead.
He now rules all of the Unknown World alone.
Although, in recent events he met a very charming girl name Victoria.

Ivan Alexander

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