Surrounding The Unknown World lies the Nation of Water and in the far North, it's mighty capital, Aquarion. Created by the God of the Sea, Kraven Alexander, Dulsea is an underwater paradise. After the Great Wars, King Logan Byorn and Queen Kara Ulrich were left to rule. The main kingdom is 5,000 feet under The Ursprung Sea. It's major allies are Marastria and Pan's Forest. The Dulsean people are very proud, very honorable people. They spend much of their time working in the underwater mines digging up The Unknown World's natural resources. It is the major exporting city and provides a strong base under the sea.  As Dulsea controls the sea, they've seperated the waters around The Unknown World into The Seven Seas.


The surface of the water above Aquarion is covered in a constant fog.  This is due to the fact that even though the far north has low temperatures, the magicks of Dulsean cities heat the waters around the city to tropical temperatures.  Because of the cold this results in a fog forming over the surface of the waters.

Natural Locations:

  • The Deep – The Deep is the lowest point of the Seven Seas.  It's a large hole in the ocean floor that's covered over with a magical barrier.

Man-Made Locations:

  • Aquarion - Aquarion is the capital city of all of Dulsea and the center of the Dulsean civilization.
  •  The Colony of Skärseld - It's the only land territory of Dulsea. 
  •  Luna Domus – Originally, the central Moon Goddess Temple of Moria, it sank beneath the sea and was adopted as a secondary deity by many Dulseans.


While all Dulsean's are born with the physical capability of withstanding the pressure in extreme depths as well as webbed hands and feet, they are not born with gills. Most Dulseans, however, are granted gills during a ceremony at birth. If they go on land, they must have a re-breather because Dulsean air is so thick with moisture that the air above sea is too dry and it will dry out their lungs. A full Dulsean can be on land for no more than an hour or two without the rebreather before their lungs start to burn and they suffocate.


Dulseans worship The Tempest.  They view the destructive power of the Tempest as a guide for how they must be in order to survive the harsh seas. Hard and uncompromising, allowing nothing to stand in their way.


As worshippers of The Tempest, war and battle are a primary focus of the culture of Dulseans.  At birth, there is always a Cleric of The Tempest present. The Cleric holds out The Spear of The Tempest and they wait to see if the infant grasps it. Grasping the spear shows that the child is born with the Soul of the Tempest and is a true Dulsean, destined for the warrior's path. The Spear of The Tempest then grants the child gills giving them the ability to breathe underwater. Infants who do not grasp the spear are never granted gills and are not considered Full Dulseans.  Once a month, all of the babies who lack the Soul of The Tempest are delivered to Skärseld where they are raised as lumberjacks, traders and fisherman.  When the child reaches the age of adulthood at 14, they are given the option of The Warrior's Trials. After passing the series of dangerous trials they are allowed to embrace The Spear of The Tempest and gain gills, joining the path of the warrior and becoming a full citizen of Aquarion and a member of it's armies.


All Dulsean citizens are members of the military and are expected to act as such at any time.  Daily wear in the kingdom usually consists of a light armor (usually decorated with family crests) and a dagger or sword at your side. Inside the home or during rare leisure activities, they wear loincloths and small amounts of clothing.


Laws are rarely broken in Dulsea due to the harsh nature of punishment. All crimes are punished with corporal punishment through the form of lashes.  Depending on the severity that will then be followed by incarceration (which has daily physical punishment) or execution.


The Kingdom, itself, is led by it's King, Logan.  Beneath him is the Council of Generals.  One from each of the major outposts of the Dulsean Kingdom.  Once a General is deemed unfit or retires, they are replaced by someone who is promoted from beneath them.


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