Born from the ash of the past kingdoms, Marastria was given to the world by Lady Tala. This place is the home of the Air people and the literal translation of it's name is Tribe of the Air. A close knit society, the only way to get up to the floating Castle is either by Dragon's back or your own wings. The Air Kingdom crosses well into the skies of the other four nations, but it's heart is the Castle in which Lady Tala resides.


Marastria is a chain of floating islands that moves across the skies of The Unknown World at the will of it's ruler. As such, unlike other nations, it has no set geographical location. Flytende Oyene is the capital and the largest land mass.  It houses the castle of the queen and her seven children.


A well known saying of Marastria is: "As there are many winds so are the religions of Marastria." Marastrian people do not celebrate or condone only one religion, all are accepted long as the people do not push their religious beliefs unto others. It is a custom to acknowledge all beliefs and all of the Marastrian people will study them and at a proper age choose the religion that they feel is best suited for their life style.


Marastrians are an accepting people.  They believe that life is as changing as the winds and so must they be.  They don't judge others and strive to make visitors as comfortable as possible, even going so far as to observe religious customs that aren't their own just to make a visitor more comfortable.


An unusual custom of Marastria is when a couple is to wed and at the wedding if the wind stops for even a moment it is said that the marriage will not last and the couples life together shall not be long.  It is not an uncommon sight to see the people of Marastria walking about with out shoes, they believe that such things will prevent them from feeling the earth pulse with the very life it gives to them, they also wear light clothing, even in the winter,  as Marastria is warm all year long. They believe the winds are a healing property and not to feel the wind is a greater sin so both men and women usually wear light, almost exposing, clothing to feel the seven winds against their bodies.


Marastria is a place of seldom laws and regulations as they an easy going, move with the winds people but they do have some laws:

  • One of the highest laws is that there is only one island where hunting is allowed. All other isles of Marastria are considered Animal Sanctuaries where no animals are permitted to be hunted. Someone caught hunting outside of the hunting grounds can be punished by corporal punishment, such as lashes, and/or prison time.
  • If the royalty of a neighboring kingdom visits one of the islands, with the exception of Flytende Oyene, their home customs and beliefs will be honoured on that island for the duration of their stay. The only exception is that there is still no hunting allowed except for in the designated hunting grounds.
  • Any Marastrian people present when a high-ranking visiting offical passes must always salute the high ranking members of the other kingdom thusly: A single hand its to be placed upon the ribs where the lunds lay in the body, a tip or bow of the head while the body is in a slight bow and they must recite these words in the islands' native tongue: "Luften er var pust og ande er vart liv." Meaning Air is our breath and breath is our life. The entire sentence must be said before standing once more.


Marastria has always been ruled as a matriarchy, finding that men are not as fruitful of feeling the changes of the winds or the change in the life breathing from beneath their feet. So the true ruler that is too ever truly pass laws or change them are women and ninety percent of the council is made primarily out of women. Men are not seen as beneath them but, as they will never be mothers, they are less in-tune to their land and what it requires. The only situation in which a male ruler would be accepted is if there is no living female member of the royal bloodline.  The nation is currently ruled by Lady Tala, who lives in the castle on Flytende Oyene with her seven children; Gabriel, Michael, Nanalei, Maggie, Constance, Magnum and Alexander. While some other nations, such as Incendous, have female rulers; the matriarchal nature of Marastria is in stark contrast to the Patriarchal nature of most of the rest of The Unknown worlds.


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