Heng Xin

The Monkey King



  • Fèngchìzǐjinguān (鳳翅紫金冠)/”Phoenix-feather Cap”: One of the treasures of the Dragon Kings, A “gift” from Ào Qin.
  • 鎖子黃金甲/ “golden chain mail”: One of the treasures of the Dragon Kings; A “gift” from Ào Run.
  • Ǒusībùyúnlǚ (藕絲步雲履)/”cloud-stepping boots” or “cloud-stepping shoes”: Alows him to stand upon clouds, fog and smoke as if it was a solid surface. Made of lotus fiber, these are one of the treasures of the Dragon Kings; A “gift” from Ào Ming.
  • Rúyì Jīn Gū Bàng (如意金箍棒)/”Magic Golden-Clasped Rod” or “Ideal Golden-bound Cudgel”: His primary weapon, originally an iron rod used to measure the depth of the sea. The Rúyì Jīn Gū Bàng was given to him by Ào Guǎng. The staff weighs 13,500 jin (8.1 tons), but Xin can lift it easily and change it to any size. He usually shrinks it to the size of a sewing needle and puts it through his ear when he is not using it. To the casual observer it’s mistaken for a golden industrial piercing.


  • 72 Bian/”72 Transformations”: Allows him to shapeshift into almost any form—however, he is never able to transform his tail. He can also transform each of the 84,000 hairs on his body into another form, animate or inanimate, and often bites the hairs into pieces to create even more copies.
  • Bi Huo Jue/”Fire Avoidance Charm”: Allows him to survive fire.
  • Bi Shui Jue/”Water Avoidance Charm”: Allows him to survive deep water; however, he is unable to fight while using this ability.
  • Body Freezing Spell: Allows him to immobilize enemies.
  • Huǒyǎn-jīnjīng(火眼金睛)/”fiery-eyes golden-gaze”: Allows him to identify evil no matter what form it takes; however, it also causes smoke to sting his eyes.
  • Jie Suo Fa/”Lock-Breaking Spell”: Allows him to point a finger or his staff and open any lock or ward.
  • Jīndǒuyún/”cloud-somersault” or “cloud trapeze”: Allows him to cover 108,000 li (54,000 km, 33,554 mi) in a single leap.
  • Protective Circle: Allows him to erect an impassible barrier by drawing a circle on the ground with his staff. The downside of this barrier is that while it allows nothing to pass into it, it also allows nothing out, so he can’t attack from it.
  • Shen Wai Shen Fa/”Body Outside of Body”: Specifically refers to his ability to transform his hairs into fighting clones of himself.
  • Summoning: Allows him to summon local deities and spirits.
  • Wind: Allows him to summon strong winds and storms.

Xin was an orphan raised in a small village on the far eastern coast of Dulsea. He was found floating in the sea in a basket by a fisherman and brought home. That fisherman raised him as his own. As Xin grew, his skin took on a slight golden hue. This led to some of the villagers spreading a rumour that he was some sort of water demon there to cause them bad luck. After he grew older he had a wife and family. While most of the men were on a fishing outing, a freak storm kicked up and he was the only one to survive. Believing him a curse on their village, the remaining villagers set fire to his house in the middle of the night, hoping that by destroying the demon, they’d cure the problems plaguing their village.

Xin was the only one to survive and emerged the fire unscathed. In a fit of rage, another storm swept the entire village away. Xin, fearing who else he’d hurt, began what became years of wandering the world without a permanent home.

One day, while sleeping in a tree in Incendous, he was awoken by the sounds of weeping. It was the Fire Queen herself, Selena. After an initial confrontation, he realized he’d inadvertantly Slept above the grave of the woman she loved and she’d taken him as an assassin waiting to kill her. After some short time, they became friends and she introduced her to Mora. Mora and Xin had gotten along well enough that she let him stay at her inn. That night when he went to sleep, he vanished from the The Unknown World.

When he returned, he’d become an immortal, gaining powers and changes to his physiology from the dimension he’d been in. While only a year had passed in the Unknown World, Xin had lived almost a thousand in the other dimension.

Heng Xin

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