The First Kingdom placed at the very top of the world is Moria, also known as the Spirit Realm. Led by Emperor Ivan and Empress Victoria, this place is the joining force between the other four nations. It's central city of Aetheria is the capital of all of the Unknown World and has stood over four billion years strong.  Moria is also home to  Shadow's Reach, a small island off it's north shore that is used for the training of Royals and their military.


Natural Locations:

  • The Northern Wastes
  • The Goddess' Mirror – A lake in central Moria, home to the Moon Goddess' Temple. The lake is so named because the waters are so calm and still that it's almost mirror like.  It's considered the only body of water that The Goddess can look into and admire her own reflection perfectly.

Man-Made Locations:

  • Aetheria
  • The Moon Goddess' Temple
  • The Great Library
  • Angel's Grove – Is a small island off the northwestern coast of the Morian boarders. It was given the name Angel's Grove because the small manor on the island is enchanted. There are no servants, no butlers, no cooks. Merely think of the object you need and it will appear before you. It is said that this island fell from the heavens of the Godly Realms. And so it can only be accessed by those of divine blood. 
  • Shadow's Reach – Is a military base in which all nations abide. It's a training ground for the Unknown World's youth; royal and servant alike. This island remains in the waters of Dulsea but is under Morian rule. 


 The Morian people worship two main Goddesses. The main Goddess is Ambroshia, the Goddess of Creation. They consider her symbol to be the moon. The second goddess they worship is the Dragon Goddess. They hail her grace and intelligence. Follows of the Dragon Goddess seek knowledge over all things. They are truth seekers and scholars.  Morian's are extremely devout. At the age of twelve, the children of Moria are taken to the temple to live. They spent their days working for the temple and helping those in need. They are taught the ways of the Goddess by Priestess. Priestesses are children who wish to stay at the temple. Often they are orphans. 

While life is beautiful beneath the Goddess' gaze, Morians are taught that one should not lust for more than they have. They are taught that they could be grateful and cherish the smallest thing. 

*Morian's few magic and science to be the same. But technology does not advance ( in order keep the medieval theme) 


 Being the center of the Unkown Worlds Trade and Goods, the customs of Moria can be a little skewed. While a child may be born in Moria, their parents might be from Incendous so touches of the Incendian culture merges with what they know to be Morian. The people of the Goddess' city are open to all customs but they are extremely infatuated with the royal family. Morians can be mysterious and then dabble in high magick.

Morian's are often divided into two types of people. Softly spoken scholar types and mage warriors. It is rare that altercations actually come to combat. Morians often settle a dispute with expression and clear thought. 


Because of the near-constant snow, Morian's wear several layers of clothing. Normally a tunic and trousers are under a heavy cloak with high riding boots. Hoods and gloves are of the highest fashion and are commonly worn with every outfit. Tunics are almost always hand embroidered with the crest of Moria as a badge of pride. Higher society often wears filigree on all their clothing. 



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Moria has a royal family. The throne is passed down through generations. Male or female can inherit the throne. The heir is normally the child who is more magically inclined and shows great manipulation of all five elements. From birth, all royal children are taught the ways of the rule in order to prepare them for greatness. The Emperor or Empress oversees the rule of the entire continent and it's including Kingdoms ( Incendous, Marastria, Pan's Forest, Dulsea, and Moria.)


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