Pans Forest

The Wolf's Paw (Peace) The Howl (Conflict)

Pan's Forest is the heart of the element of Earth. From high mountains to low valley's, this is the only Kingdom without a Castle, however for the convenience of other nations, it has a central meeting place called The Central Ring. Nature is the true castle in Pan's Forest. Led by King Zynian and his bride Lilith, this place is born from old growth forest. The followers here can be anything from a tree to a man. This land has been untouched by fire and ax. Each tree grows well over a thousand feet tall. The wildlife here is vast and is filled with things that have never been seen before in The Unknown World. But be warned, there are many dark places in this forest and you never know what lurks behind the next trunk.

Pan's Forest is also home to two of the largest geographical features of The Unknown World: The Fist of God Mountains and The Highest Mountain. The Fist of God Mountains are named for their largest peak, The Fist of God, which resembles a giant fist slamming into the earth with the chain of mountains radiating out from it. The Highest Mountain is named simply due to its towering height above the forests.

Pan's Forest is the only nation to have two flags.  The Wolf's Paw is flown in times of peace.  The Howl is flown in times of conflict.


Natural Locations:

Man-Made Locations:

  • Meadhan Cearcall, "The Central Rings"
  • Heavana
  • Cherry Blossom Hill


The people of Pan's Forest follow the most ancient ways of "The Pan". The Pan is depicted as a massive wolf that protects the sacred forests. The belief is that every living thing is sacred and that all nature must be preserved. Due to this belief, The Black Forest Clan does not allow buildings to be erected, nor fires to be lit in the forest. Burning the sacred trees is consider a blight against The Pan and is met with great aggression. 

The Clan follows the circle of the year belief and worships pan through the wheel of the year. The Wheel of the Year is an annual cycle of seasonal festivals.

The day to day life doesn't include massive worship, and it often left to the individual to pray as they see fit. Before grand hunts, a prayer is normally said by the alpha male in order to protect the hunting party. On those occasions, the pack moves together in their animal forms. Jewelry depicting the pan, made from animal bones, has been documented to be worn on great events.



The culture of the peoples of Pan's Forest is a pack culture. Everything they do is for the good of the pack and at the will of the Alpha. Social hierarchies are more simplistic than in other kingdoms.


Clan attire has been known to be as "organic" as possible. Clothing and tools are always made from natural items, use of synthetic is seen as an insult to nature and disgrace to its wielder. This goes for combat as well. In Clan life, if you cannot fight with your own fists and kill with your jaws, then you are not true to the Pan. 


All laws of Pan's Forest are governed solely by the Earth King. To go against his word is to go against the pan. It is considered forbidden. And can get you exiled from the Clan.


The Black Forest Clan follows the pack mentality. Alpha is lead, beta second, and all follow them. 

Pans Forest

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