The Rules

The Accords are rules and regulations to dictate order and structure into the Unknown World. These rules are to be obeyed and used at all times in all worlds. There are no exceptions to these rules unless given by one of the Owners( Princess_Mia or Vampric_Death.)

1.) All VampireFreaks rules must be obeyed. 

2.) All characters must be approved and assigned a royal before they can freely move about the subforum/threads. NPC's (None player Characters.. E.g. Bartenders, waiters, lesser servants) DO NOT need names. You can refer to them as their job titles. If you create a character by naming them in a post, you MUST create a character biography and follow the posting rules. (Rule #7)

3.) This cult takes place in the dark ages, meaning: no guns, no machinery, no ipods or anything electronic
Unique and individualized characters are welcomed, but do remember that you are in a time when technology isn't the main source of entertainment. It's alright if your characters excel in one thing, just keep their power levels so that another person can interact with your character. That said any characters who has a higher rank can not be forced upon anything of a lower rank character as their strength of their powers will be different as well as the higher ranks character's immunity.

4.) In-character posts must be written with correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling to the best of your abilities. Characters cannot be in more than two threads at the same time. 
All posts must be at least five sentences long. Anything under that isn't enough information for the other person playing. Please remember to add detail about the surrounding area, interactions to touch and the other person's character to your post. It makes for a better read!!!

5.) There is NO killing, maiming, torturing, slaughtering, rape, harassment or any other form of unwanted touch upon another members character unless it is agreed upon by ALL players involved AND your royal is informed. If the royal is not informed of the post, a penalty will be taken. 

6.) Only a Staff Member can have a God or Semi/Demi-God character. This is so that the power level stays within ruling powers. It allows us to keep members from over throwing the royalty. It allows us to break up any fights between characters. (A demigod is a being that has a parent Mother or father not both and one parent either gander being a mortal. then the child of that demigod is also a demigod but any children there after is a mortal being.)

7.) Upon the arrival into the cult, members can start with one character. 
- A secondary character may be requested at 100 posts.
- Third characters are requested at 500 posts.
- Fourth characters are requested at 1,000 posts.
- Anything further will have to be dictated by your given royal. 
- Housing Threads can be requested at 100 posts.

8.) Only the Owner (Princess_Mia) and the Co-Owner (Vampyric_Death) are allowed to make threads. If you have an idea of a thread, please message the Owners. 

9.) You cannot, in any way, control another members character! This means you cannot control a persons reactions, how they feel or think. You cannot physically move a character without cause. So it is okay to push someone out of danger, but you cannot make them stab themselves in the stomach. 

10.) No God modding. There may be gods, but all gods have weakness'. For example, Kraven's weakness is that he doesn't physically have a heart in his chest. It is a jewel normally given to the woman he loves. If this jewel is broken, he must return to the Heavenly Realms. Furthermore, all Gods do not die, but return to the Heavenly Realm.
You cannot control all elements at the same time, you must stick to one of the five elemental classes. (No one can be more powerful then the Emperor or Empress! Not even gods.)

11.) No double posting. Period. Wait your turn. Also you must wait until all Players have posted before you can create another post. Furthermore, if you need to edit major plot events in your post it must be within 10 minutes of the post date. Once someone posts after you, those events cannot be changed! If you are editing merely because of spelling or grammar, or because you missed a character, you have until the next player posts. After that, any alterations must be made in a new post. 

12.) All characters that leave the cult and return WILL start out as the lowest class. Because the player has left the cult, all of their posts are considered abandoned. As a penalty of leaving, they where demoted. Players have no rights to those titles after they've been replaced. 

Failure to follow any of these rules will result in the following punishment. 
-First offense is a warning – verbal or written.
-Secondary offense, demotion of character.
-Third offense is a probationary period in which a player can be on the cult, but cannot post. 
-Fourth offense, three day banning of highest ranking character.
-Fifth offense is a banning of the player for/up too three days.
-Any further action will result in a total ban of player. All effects of status will be stricken from the story. 

Note: These rules are subject to change at anytime. Please check in often and make sure that you are up to date.

The Rules

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