Unknown World

The Unknown World is based off Middle Age/Dark Age era. With swords and weapons of steel and bane, the story line starts in the spirit capital and branches out from there. This world is a magical dimension that lies in parallel with the Mundane dimension known as Earth. After the first settlers came to the Unknown World from Earth, the portals shut, severing the link between the magical realm and the mundane world the people had come from. Thriving, the Unknown World stands over 65 Billion years old. It was created at the dawn of time, by what the Spirit People believe to be the Dragon Goddess and a combination of all the Other Gods.

There are Five Kingdoms throughout The Unknown World:

The First Kingdom placed at the very top of the world is Moria, also known as the Spirit Realm. Led by Emperor Ivan and Empress Victoria, this place is the joining force between the other four nations. It's central city of Aetheria is the capital of all of the Unknown World and has stood over four billion years strong.  Moria is also home to  Shadow's Reach, a small island off it's north shore that is used for the training of Royals and their military.

Surrounding The Unknown World lies the Nation of Water and in the far North, it's mighty capital, Aquarion. Created by the God of the Sea, Kraven Alexander, Dulsea is an underwater paradise. After the Great Wars, King Logan Byorn and Queen Kara Ulrich were left to rule. The main kingdom is 5,000 feet under The Enchanted Sea. It's major allies are Marastria and Pan's Forest. The Dulsean people are very proud, very honorable people. They spend much of their time working in the underwater mines digging up The Unknown World's natural resources. It is the major exporting city and provides a strong base under the sea. As Dulsea controls the sea, they've seperated the waters around The Unknown World into The Seven Seas.
 Pan's Forest
Pan's Forest is the heart of the element of Earth. From high mountains to low valley's, this is the only Kingdom without a castle, however for the convenience of other nations, it has a central meeting place called The Central Ring. Nature is the true castle in Pan's Forest. Led by King Zynian and his bride Lilith, this place is born from old growth forest. The followers here can be anything from a tree to a man. This land has been untouched by fire and axe. Each tree grows well over a thousand feet tall. The wild life here is vast and is filled with things that have never been seen before in The Unknown World. But be warned, there are many dark places in this forest and you never know what lurks behind the next trunk. 

Born from the ash of the past kingdoms, Marastria was given to the world by Lady Tala. This place is the home of the Air people and the literal translation of it's name is Tribe of the Air. A close knit society, the only way to get up to the floating Castle is either by Dragon's back or your own wings. The Air Kingdom crosses well into the skies of the other four nations, but it's heart is the Castle in which Lady Tala resides. 

The final corner of The Unknown World is Incendous to the West. Ruled by Queen Selena Mystic, the Northern Star, from it's capital city known as The Harthe; Incendous is the home of the mastery of the forge making it the source of the most finely crafted weapons of The Unknown World. Other important exports are the lavish lavender oils that come from the abundant fields of the Fire Kingdom, rare jewels that only come from the depths of the Vaale Mahlia Ko Volcano and the rich fabrics which are sold in the Cavern City. This place is a source of great joy, majesty and most importantly love.

Unknown World

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